So, here’s a fact: Lisbon is an extremely hilly city.  Here’s another fact: those hills are jerks.

At first it’s like, “wow cool, look at all of that interesting hilly architecture!  It really gives the city character! I wonder how they build everything on a slant like that!” Then you walk up your fifth or six ultra-steep incline of the day with the scorchingly hot Portuguese sun being as unforgiving as always and it’s more like “Hey hill? You’re a stupid jerk and you have a stupid jerk face and I hope you die.”

Look at these assholes.

Another jerk

This hill loudly whistles in line behind you at the supermarket.

Yep, also a jerk

This hill frequently uses the “word” guesstimate.

Yep, another big fat jerk

This hill told everyone that it voted for Hillary, but it secretly voted for Trump.

Look at this jerk, jerking it up

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