I took somewhere in the ballpark of 500 photos while I was in Portugal (yeah, I’m that guy).  Obviously, they’re not all worthy of their own post, but I figured I’d share a few noteworthy ones before officially moving on to the next country in this journey (spoiler alert: it’s Spain).

Here’s a couple of mummified kids from the Carmo Archaeological Museum in Lisbon.  I honestly didn’t know that they mummified children, but why not I guess?

Kid mummies

This is maybe the most sinister-looking building I’ve ever seen.  Everything about it — right down to the logo — makes it look like the headquarters of a shadowy organization that wants to kill James Bond.

I expect you to die

Here’s an old church in Lisbon.  I took roughly a billion photos of interesting-looking old churches in Portugal, but I’ll just share a couple of them.

Old church

Lots of red roofs in Lisbon.


Here’s the São Jorge Castle in Lisbon. I felt extremely Game of Thronesy actually walking around a real castle.

I fart in your general direction

Another old church in Lisbon.

Old church

This might just be the angriest, most grizzled looking cat that I’ve ever seen.

He hates Mondays

I’m pretty sure it’s illegal to have a travel blog, go to Lisbon, and not post at least one photo of their iconic yellow streetcars.


Here’s Liberdade Square in Porto. Statues are another thing that I took about a bazillion photos of during my time in Portugal.

Liberdade Square

So here’s this crazy busker I saw outside of the Bolhão Market in Porto.  In case you can’t tell from the photo, the guy is cranking some kind of bizarre music box, both he and his kid have live birds perched on them, and they’re playing a game of chess.  Oh, and there’s also a chicken just hanging out.

So quirky

More red roofs, this time in Porto.


Nice view from the Dom Luís I Bridge in Porto.

View from the Dom Luís I Bridge in Porto

They love street art in Portugal. There’s stuff like this pretty much everywhere you go.

Street art in Portugal

And last but not least, here’s the most unintentionally creepy painting I’ve ever seen.  Those kids are up to something, that’s for sure.

Sinister painting

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