Yes, it’s that time again — another country is wrapping up, so here’s a bunch of photos that couldn’t quite fit into their own posts.

This is the Royal Palace of Madrid.  They don’t allow photography inside, but suffice it to say it’s insanely lavish in there.  It’s actually kind of ridiculous.

So fancy

Just a big old pile of sandwiches made with Spanish ham.  They’re pretty ham-obsessed in Spain, and when it’s this good — yeah, I get it.

So much ham

Speaking of sandwiches, here’s a fried calamari sandwich. When I first saw a restaurant advertising this, I thought “what drunk idiot came up with that?”  But these are actually pretty huge in Madrid, and justifiably so.  The calamari is way more thickly-cut than what we’re used to at home, and super tender; not rubbery at all.  It works surprisingly well in a sandwich.

That's a good sammich

In case you were wondering whether or not Game of Thrones is a global phenomenon — yes, it absolutely is.  I see ads for it everywhere I go.

Juego de Tronos And I can’t help but feel super Game of Thronesy every time I see or visit a castle here.  This is Aljafería Palace in Zaragoza, and…


…here’s the courtyard inside. I don’t know how much you can tell from this picture, but it really felt like it could be something out of Dorne on that show.


Here’s some colourful birds with collars having a snack in a park in Barcelona. The park is near the zoo, which probably explains those weird numbered collars.

Chillin' in the park

Here’s the famed Boqueria Market in Barcelona. As you can tell, the place gets crowded, so you probably want to go early in the morning.  This was the afternoon, and it was so packed you could barely move.

Crazy crowded

And finally, if you go to Barcelona and you don’t take at least one picture of a wacky Gaudi-designed building, were you even there??


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