For the unaware, Cinecitta is the legendary Italian studio where directors like Federico Fellini and Sergio Leone made a bunch of their films, not to mention big Hollywood productions like Ben-Hur, Roman Holiday, and Gangs of New York.

For 20 Euros, you can check out some nicely-assembled exhibits, and you can take part in a guided tour around the studio.  It isn’t exactly cheap, but if you can’t forget about the budget every now and then for something like this, what’s the point?


The highlight was probably getting to see the set of the short-lived HBO show Rome (that’s a great show, by the by.  It was, sadly, ahead of its time — it feels like a precursor to Game of Thrones in a lot of ways).


They have a few other sets that you can see, including, randomly, a bit of the submarine set from U-571.

U-571 set

It was actually a pretty interesting tour; even aside from what we saw, just being in the same space that saw the production of so many great movies is kind of electric.

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