Getting a sacher torte from the Hotel Sacher — where it was invented back in 1832 — is one of those things you kind of have to do as a tourist in Vienna.

For the uninitiated, a sacher torte is a chocolate cake that’s layered with apricot jam, covered in ganache-esque icing, and served with whipped cream.

While doing research on what to eat in this city, I’ve seen a lot of people say that the sacher torte actually isn’t that great — that it’s too rich.

A dessert that’s too rich? Is that even a thing?

Not a lie

Whether or not it is (and let’s face it; it isn’t), that’s definitely not the case here. The cake itself is actually pretty light, and the slight tartness of the apricot jam balances out its chocolatey sweetness.

It’s actually quite good, though the icing is a little bit grainy, and I agree that it’s nothing too mind-blowing (and at €6.90 for one small slice of cake — over ten bucks Canadian! — it’s almost comically over-priced).

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