I mentioned how, in places like Rome and Vienna, it’s such a joy to walk around the city because of all of the beautiful old architecture everywhere you look.

Yeah, that’s not so much the case in Berlin.


Not that it’s entirely lacking in eye-catching architecture, but mostly it’s just drab gray buildings everywhere you look.  Which is understandable, considering that the bulk of the city had to be rebuilt after the destruction of World War II.

Thanks a lot, Hitler.


But of course, that assessment is unfair to Berlin — it certainly has a personality of its own, it just lacks the old-world charm of some of the other big European capitals.

Strudel pipes

There are also these bright blue pipes running all over the city, and every time I see them I chuckle; there’s a great bit in Patton Oswalt’s standup special Tragedy Plus Comedy Equals Time where he jokes that those pipes contain strudel filling.  I won’t spoil where that joke goes — you should just listen to it if you haven’t.

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