While searching for the best places to eat in Berlin, a burger joint called Burgermeister came up a lot.  Typically, this would be the type of recommendation that I’d dismiss without much thought; I’m sure there’s great Mexican/Vietnamese/whatever cuisine in every city I visit, but unless I’m in Mexico/Vietnam/Whateverland, I just have no interest in that food.

But I have to admit: the only burger I’ve eaten since starting this trip has been a fairly abysmal one from McDonald’s.  My burger blog — which I kept going right up until I left — had me eating burgers regularly for years.  I was jonesing.

Which is all a long-winded way of saying that yeah, I ate a burger.  I’m weak.


It’s in a really unique location under a bridge, and it is insanely popular.  When I went, I had to wait about fifteen minutes in a very long line, and then another half hour or so for my burger to be ready.

I don’t know if my burger craving made it seem better than it was, but it was quite good.  The patty was beefy, juicy, and had a decent amount of crust from the griddle.  It certainly wasn’t perfect — the beefy flavour was a bit subdued, it could have been juicier, and it was a bit heavier on the condiments than I typically like — but if I were reviewing it for Tasty Burgers, I’d give it three-and-a-half out of four.  I quite enjoyed it.

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