Seafood is huge here in Hamburg — aside from the fact that the Elbe river runs right through the city, the North Sea and the Baltic Sea are both super close.  Notwithstanding a tragic incident involving a dropped fish sandwich worth 12 Euros, this was my first time eating seafood here.

And oh man, it was so good.


I went to a place called Fisch & Co. and had the Pannfisch.  This consists of fried pieces of a couple of different types of fish topped with some kind of mustard sauce, served with a side of pan-fried potatoes and a salad.

That fish was absolutely perfect.  The breading was nice and crispy, but without ever distracting from the star of the show.  And the fish itself — which consisted of pieces of some kind of whitefish along with salmon — was moist and flaky and amazing, with the mustard sauce complimenting it perfectly.

The potatoes were really good, too — sliced thin to maximize the crispy-to-creamy ratio, they were basically like hash browns, but the best hash browns you’ve ever had.

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