Photo time?  Photo time.

I mentioned that there isn’t all that much to see in terms of interesting old architecture in Berlin.  As you can see above and below, however, there are a few exceptions.

Brandenburg Gate in Berlin, Germany

And I thought there were a lot of cranes in Toronto.

Cranes in Berlin, Germany

If you’ll recall my post about Rüyam Gemüse Kebab, I pretty much fell in love with the place. Mustafa’s Gemüse Kebap serves what is easily the most well-regarded doner kebab in Berlin, and you know what? Not as good as Rüyam. Not even close.

Mustafa's Gemüse Kebap

It’s not quite Venice, but Hamburg has quite a bit of water running through it, so sights like this are pretty common.

Water running through Hamburg, Germany

As far as I could tell this was a pretty standard apartment/office building, so I’d really like to know the story behind the big statue of the guy riding an elephant.

Elephant statue in Hamburg, Germany

I came across this really great park in the middle of Hamburg. You can just relax in those chairs and watch as the occasional duck floats by.

Park in Hamburg, Germany

Here’s a couple of the aforementioned ducks.

Ducks in a park in Hamburg, Germany

And finally, do you want to look like Michael Douglas’s character in Falling Down? Because this Hamburg eyeglasses shop has you covered.

Falling Down themed eyeglasses shop in Hamburg, Germany

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  1. If you didn’t buy me a pair of Falling Down glasses for Christmas, we’re no longer friends….

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