I’m glad I’m only here for a few days, because this city will straight-up bankrupt me. Everything is so expensive here, it’s nuts. Most things seem to cost two or three times more than you’d think they would.

Want to ride the subway? That’ll cost $6.50 Canadian. For one ticket. A candy bar will run you two or three bucks. A regular movie ticket (i.e. not 3D or IMAX)? Twenty dollars.

They have an Abba museum here, and I thought, hey, that might be fun. I’m not a huge Abba fan, but why not?

I’ll tell you why not: a ticket costs 40 dollars.

They take credit cards here more than anywhere else I’ve been in Europe.  In fact, I went to a couple of places that were credit/debit only — no cash.  And I can see why!  If they paid cash for everything, they’d have to carry around fat stacks of bills like an extra in a rap video.

Is everyone a millionaire here??

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