The first time I saw L’As du Fallafel on a list of the best places to eat in Paris, my reaction was basically “falafel in Paris?? Get the hell out of here.”

The second time, I was like “did you not hear me? I said get the hell out of here.”

The third and fourth time, I decided to start paying attention.

It’s a pretty clear consensus: L’As du Fallafel is one of the must-eat restaurants in Paris, so yeah, of course I checked it out.  It didn’t quite blow me away, but I’d say its reputation is deserved — if I had a top ten list of the best falafel I’ve ever had, it’d be on there somewhere.

Falafel from L'As du Fallafel

They do a couple of things that I think elevate this place from good to great.  The first is that the size of the actual falafel balls is probably about half of what you’re used to; this allows you to get more of them, which ups the sandwich’s crisp-factor.

They also construct the sandwich by adding the falafel balls, toppings, and sauce, and then repeating this process several times so that you get multiple layers of everything.  This is actually pretty brilliant, because you wind up with the perfect amount of all of the components in every bite.

Otherwise it’s a fairly standard falafel sandwich, though the addition of roasted eggplant is quite inspired.

Also: holy crap this thing is a mess.  I made the mistake of trying to eat it while walking, and of course I wound up with some on my pants, because how could I not?

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