You wouldn’t know it from this blog, but I’ve actually been in London for the last couple of weeks — I had a fairly substantial backlog of posts that I’ve been working through.  Which is a good thing, because up until a few days ago I was doing pretty much nothing but watching movies at the BFI London Film Festival and then writing about them.

I saw 37 movies at the festival, and wrote about 35 of them.

The best film I saw?  Brawl in Cell Block 99.  It’s a gritty, ultra-violent ’70s-inspired prison thriller featuring an absolutely electrifying performance from Vince Vaughn (if all you know him from are his silly comedies, prepare to have your mind blown).

The worst was, surprisingly enough, Manhunt.  This is John Woo’s return to the type of action movie that made him famous, and it was surprisingly awful.  Please don’t watch it, unless you want to be sad.

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