Remember the post about the English full breakfast I had in London?  Well, Scotland has their own version of the full breakfast (they add haggis, because of course).

I had it at the Royal McGregor, and it came with toast, a thick slice of tomato, baked beans, eggs, bacon, sauteed mushrooms, sausage, haggis, and buried beneath all of that, a tattie scone (which is a potato-based flatbread).

It was quite tasty — the haggis is a great addition (haggis, being made with various organ meats, is one of those things that sounds like it might be an acquired taste, but is actually just delicious).  Plus, the tattie scone is under there, soaking up all those flavours.  It’s not the best breakfast I’ve ever had, but I can certainly think of worse ways to start the day.

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