Though both England and Scotland have their versions of the full breakfast, based on the version I had at Matt the Rashers in Dublin, Ireland can’t be beat.

The full breakfast at Matt the Rashers comes on a plate that has been precariously overloaded with: eggs, hash browns, bacon, tomato, liver, black pudding, white pudding, mushrooms, baked beans, and sausage.  It also comes with two slices of very hearty soda bread.  It’s the breakfastiest breakfast in the history of breakfast.  You can’t have more breakfast than that.  It’s physically impossible.

Full breakfast at Matt the Rashers in Dublin, Ireland

It’s amazing.  The white pudding and the liver are what differentiates this from the English and Scottish versions (though from what I can tell, the liver is more of a Matt the Rashers thing than an Irish thing).

White pudding is like black pudding, but without the blood.  It’s quite tasty, though it’s basically just a slightly blander version of the black.

Everything on the plate was super tasty, and the soda bread — which has a very dense, almost cakey texture — is a great accompaniment.

It’s not even close; I liked the other two full breakfasts a lot, but this one is hard to beat.

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