And that’s another country checked off, so as usual, it’s photo time.

Great restaurant name, or greatest restaurant name?

Abra Kebabra in Dublin, Ireland

This is Dublin Castle, a castle right in the middle of the city (it’s a Europe thing).

Dublin Castle in Dublin, Ireland

Sadly, this isn’t from Abra Kebabra (I never got a chance to eat there), but kebab joints are huge in Dublin. This is the lamb plate from a place called Zaytoon, and it was surprisingly tasty. That bread was fresh from the oven, and it was pretty much the best.

Lamb from Zaytoon in Dublin, Ireland

No interesting buildings or anything here, I just thought it was a nice sunset.

Sunset in Dublin, Ireland

This is the Natural History Museum in Dublin, also known as the Dead Museum. It contains a fascinatingly large collection of taxidermied animals. It’s bizarre, but it’s also really interesting to get an up-close view of so many animals that you otherwise wouldn’t get to see.

The Dead Zoo in Dublin, Ireland

Just one of those random interesting old buildings that are everywhere in Europe.

Old church in Dublin, Ireland

And finally, here’s an amusing sign I saw while on my hike. That’s quite a fall.

Hiking sign in Dublin, Ireland

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