A bowl of cold noodles that are so chewy you have to cut through them with scissors before you can eat them probably doesn’t sound all that compelling to you.  You’re just going to have to trust me: they’re super delicious.

What about dumplings?  Yeah, everyone likes dumplings.

Well, you can get both — and that’s about it — at Choryang Milmyeon, a popular restaurant in Busan.

Choryang Milmyeon in Busan, South Korea

It’s traditional-style seating here, which means you’ll have to take off your shoes and sit cross-legged at a low table.

Ordering was accomplished via the usual arrangement of pointing and nodding; easy enough since they only serve noodles and dumplings, and I got both.

Choryang Milmyeon in Busan, South Korea

As soon as the dumplings came I knew that I had over-ordered.  An order comes with six tennis-ball-sized dumplings that were filled with pork (I think), and that were seriously delicious (I’m much more confident about that).

Then came the noodles.  This is a Korean dish called jjolmyeon that’s made with a special type of noodle that’s about a hundred times chewier than the norm.

It comes looking like this:

Choryang Milmyeon in Busan, South Korea

Then you take the scissors to them and mix them up, and they wind up like this:

Choryang Milmyeon in Busan, South Korea

It’s so good.  The intense chewiness of the noodles is fun to eat, and the flavour of the spicy, slightly sweet sauce is only amplified by the temperature.

It was all really, really good, though sharing the dumplings is advised; I finished everything and I was profoundly, uncomfortably full.  Totally worth it, though.

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