It was a sad, sad day when the Beard Papa in the Pacific Mall (which was the only Beard Papa in Canada outside of Vancouver) shut down.

Tragically, I discovered this by actually going to the Pacific Mall to pick up some Beard Papa, only to find that the spot where it used to be was completely ripped apart (I think they were turning it another Chinese restaurant).  There was nothing left but a hollowed-out husk filled with unused equipment and shattered dreams.  It was heartbreaking.

Well, Japan is the home of Beard Papa, and it is just as glorious as I remembered.

Beard Papa in Tokyo, Japan

No — more glorious.

They sell cream puffs, only the best cream puffs you’ve ever had.  They fill them to order, which is absolutely ingenious because it keeps the pastry delightfully crisp.  It’s filled with a rich, creamy custard which contrasts perfectly with the crispy, buttery pastry.  It’s so damn good.

Beard Papa in Tokyo, Japan

Who wants to invest in a Beard Papa franchise with me?

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