Another day, another Michelin-starred meal in Japan. This one wasn’t quite as cheap as Nakajima, but it’s hard to care when the food is this good. This was straight-up one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Hashimoto in Tokyo, Japan

The restaurant is called Hashimoto, and they specialize in unagi — glazed eel cooked over coals. The place was a bit expensive, so I went with the small size, which I bitterly regretted as soon as I took my first bite and realized how insanely delicious it was.

Hashimoto in Tokyo, Japan

The eel was an absolute revelation. Who even knew eel could taste like this?? It was unctuously tender, with a hauntingly subtle sweetness from the slightly caramelized glaze.

The coal adds an absolutely perfect amount of smokiness; it’s always there, but it never overwhelms. Perfection.

The interplay between the smokiness, the sweetness, and the melt-in-your-mouth tender eel was magical.

The rice and the sauce was quite delicious as well, but holy crap, that eel. Holy crap.

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