The other day I plugged my destination into Google Maps, as I am wont to do (no joke: Google Maps single-handedly makes this trip possible, because my navigation skills are nonexistent).  The public transit directions seemed to indicate that I take a boat, which seemed odd, but I went with it.

The directions brought me to a rickety old dock next to a narrow river.  After a couple of minutes, boat showed up, pulled over to the side of the dock for about ten seconds, then left again.

About five minutes later, another boat pulled up; this time I got on.  There’s no plank — you just jump on, and then someone comes around to collect your fare.

It was an odd experience, especially since the boat goes fast.

I felt pretty woozy by the time I got to my destination, but it was such a memorable way to get there that I didn’t even mind.

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