Hills are Jerks

What a jerkSo, here’s a fact: Lisbon is an extremely hilly city.  Here’s another fact: those hills are jerks.

At first it’s like, “wow cool, look at all of that interesting hilly architecture!  It really gives the city character! I wonder how they build everything on a slant like that!” Then you walk up your fifth or six ultra-steep incline of the day with the scorchingly hot Portuguese sun being as unforgiving as always and it’s more like “Hey hill? You’re a stupid jerk and you have a stupid jerk face and I hope you die.”

Check out some more stupid jerk hills after the jump.

Things You Learn about yourself when you Travel

It's so damn hot.I’m currently in Lisbon, and since I’m trying to be frugal and save money wherever I can, I’m staying in an Airbnb.  The place is actually really nice, especially for what it costs, but there’s no air conditioning and I straight-up cannot handle it.  For context, it’s generally in the high 20s or low 30s here, so it’s hot.

Now, I’m used to pretty aggressive air conditioning at home, which probably doesn’t help, but I figured, hey, how bad could it be?  I’ll get used to it.

I want to travel back in time and punch myself in the stomach.

I’m certainly willing to rough it — I have to for an extended trip like this to be financially feasible, but apparently there is a line and that’s where I draw it.  I need to fall into the sweet, sweet embrace of climate-controlled air, particularly when I’m trying to go to sleep.

Lesson learned.