I was at the Gukje Market in Busan, a huge street market that sells, among many other things, a variety of street food.  Nothing was particularly catching my eye until I saw a restaurant on the outskirts of the market serving up some seriously delicious-looking fried chicken.  Korean fried chicken (or, confusingly, KFC for short.  I was on a food forum once, and someone was asking where the best KFC could be found in Toronto, and I was thinking “uh… at… KFC…?” until I realized he was talking about Korean fried chicken) is kind of a big deal.  So I figured I’d check it out.

A bowl of cold noodles that are so chewy you have to cut through them with scissors before you can eat them probably doesn’t sound all that compelling to you.  You’re just going to have to trust me: they’re super delicious.

What about dumplings?  Yeah, everyone likes dumplings.

Well, you can get both — and that’s about it — at Choryang Milmyeon, a popular restaurant in Busan.

Many of the toilets in this part of the world, particularly in China — even the ones in touristy places like museums or the airport — are of the squat variety.  If you’ve never encountered one of these things, it’s basically a porcelain hole in the ground.