I honestly can’t remember the last time a meal made me so profoundly sad.  The food in Taiwan is so good, and you can’t walk more than a block or two without stumbling upon several restaurants serving something that looks amazing.

The Taiwanese version of McDonald’s, on the other hand…  Yikes.  It might be the worst food I’ve had at McDonald’s since starting this blog, and that’s really saying something — I’ve had some pretty atrocious meals courtesy of old Ronald McDonald.

It’s kind of insane how much variety you can get with something as seemingly straightforward as noodles in soup. I just came from Japan, where I ate a ridiculous amount of ramen (a ridiculous amount. I wrote about nine of the bowls I ate on this blog, and there were many more bowls I ate that I didn’t bother posting about. I’m a fan of ramen, in case you couldn’t tell).

I mentioned in a previous post that I wasn’t sure if I’d get a chance to sample Peking duck — given that it involves a whole duck, it’s not exactly a solo-friendly endeavor (though in retrospect, I’m pretty sure I could have polished it off myself if I came hungry and didn’t order anything else).

Once we got back into the city, a few people from the group I went to the Great Wall with decided to go to Siji Minfu for duck.  So: problem solved.