Some dishes that you eat while traveling are good, but they take you out of your comfort zone.  The taste or the texture is unfamiliar, and you need to eat a few bites to even decide what you think of it.

On the other hand, there are dishes like the grilled pork rice at Yongle Shao Rou Fan.  It doesn’t ask anything of you but to enjoy it.

I showed up at Qiu Jia Xiao Juan Mi Fen about ten minutes after it opened, and the place was already packed.  Suffice it to say, the place is quite popular; always a good sign.

I think there might have been other stuff on the menu, but this place is known for one particular dish, and that’s what everyone was eating: squid noodles.

Obviously I wasn’t going to leave Vietnam without having pho.  I’m not a crazy person.

I didn’t know this before getting here, but there are actually two types of pho: there’s the beef version, called pho bo.  That’s the one that we’re more familiar with back home.  There’s also a chicken version called pho ga.

I tried both, of course.  Again, I’m not a crazy person.