Though I think the Keelung night market is a compelling enough reason to visit Keelung on its own (the fact that it’s so easy to get here from Taipei makes this a no-brainer), you might want to do some other stuff while you’re here.  I mean, you’re here already, you may as well.

Or you could just eat.  That works too.

But if you want to walk off some of that food, there are a few interesting things around the city that you could check out.

I almost didn’t even bother going to see the Great Wall of China.  I figured it’s cold, it’s expensive, I’d have to wake up early, and wouldn’t it be easier to just… not go?  I mean, it’s a wall.  What’s the big whoop?

The whoop, as it turns out, is pretty big.  The Great Wall might have been one of the most awe-inspiring things I’ve ever seen.