What to Eat in Berlin, Germany

Burgermeister – Eating American food in Germany might sound like a waste of a meal, but Burgermeister definitely knows their stuff.

Currywurst – Currywurst is everywhere in Berlin, and it’s immensely satisfying.  I really don’t understand why it’s so difficult to find outside of Germany.

Lebensmittel Mitte – The käsespätzle at Lebensmittel Mitte (which is essentially a German variation on mac and cheese) might just be one of the cheesiest things I’ve ever eaten.

McDonald’s – The McRib is just a permanent part of the menu in Germany, so clearly, they know where it’s at.

Rüyam Gemüse Kebab – The doner kebab from Rüyam Gemüse Kebab is so, so, so good.  It’s probably one of the best sandwiches I’ve ever had.

Zur Letzten Instanz – This is a restaurant that’s been around since 1621.  If you can stay in business for hundreds of years, you’re probably doing something right.