What to Do / Eat in London, England

BFI London Film Festival – I checked out the BFI London Film Festival and reviewed 35 movies.  I quite enjoyed it.

Free Museums – Pretty much all of the museums in London are free, and it’s the best thing ever.

The Natural History Museum – There are a ton of great (and free!) museums in London — but only one where you can see dinosaur bones.

Tate Modern – Though the modern art at Tate Modern mostly flies over my head, it’s still a worthwhile place to visit.

Beigel Shop – If you like Montreal smoked meat or pastrami, then you’ve gotta try the salt beef at Beigel Shop.

Brindisa at the Borough Market – The Borough Market is an absolutely cornucopia of tasty food.  Among the tastiest: the chorizo sandwich from Brindisa.

Burger & Beyond – The cheeseburger from Burger & Beyond in the Camden Market is one of the best burgers I’ve ever had.  Legitimately great.

Goddards at Greenwich – The pie and mash with eels that they serve at Goddards is a uniquely British treat that you’re probably going to want to check out.

Hereford Road – If you want a St. John-style experience on a budget, give Hereford Road a shot.  It was started by a St. John alum, and features a delightfully affordable three-course lunch deal.

Lamb and Flag – This is a centuries-old pub that was frequented by none other than Charles Dickens.  They also serve a pretty great version of bangers and mash.

Le Marche du Quartier in the Borough Market – The duck confit sandwich at Le Marche du Quartier is meaty, crispy, greasy, and delicious.

Maple Leaf Tavern – I celebrated thanksgiving (in October, of course) at a Canadian pub in London.  The food was pretty bad, but there aren’t exactly a ton of choices for Canadian thanksgiving in London, so you’ve gotta take what you can get.

McDonald’s – McDonald’s in England is extremely boring — though they do have fried cheese nuggets, so there’s that.

Poppies – It’s London.  You’ve gotta get fish and chips.

Regency Cafe – Maybe the most famous full breakfast in England can be found at the Regency Cafe.  It’s extremely delicious.