What to Do / Eat in Tokyo, Japan

Disneyland – Though it can’t quite hold a candle to DisneySea, Tokyo Disneyland is still a magical place.

DisneySea – Best theme park ever?  Best theme park ever.

Imperial Palace East Gardens – This is one of many amazing parks you can (and should) wander around in Tokyo.

Nezu Shrine – Tokyo does a great job of balancing out its in-your-face modernity with laid back parks and shrines.

Sega Arcade in Shinjuku – Japan is one of the few places in the world (or the only place?) where arcades are still thriving.  It’s delightful.

Shinjuku Gyoen National Garden – It actually costs a couple hundred yen to get into this park, but it’s totally worth it.  I think it might have been my favourite park in Tokyo, and there were a lot of great parks in Tokyo.

Star Wars Store – Alas, I think it’s gone now, but there was a store in Tokyo that sold nothing but Star Wars stuff, and it was great.

Super Potato – Super Potato is a multi-level shrine to classic video games.  It’s amazing.

Tokyo City Hall – Tokyo City Hall lets you go to one of the top floors of the building to get a magnificent view of the city.  The best part?  Unlike the Tokyo Tower or Tokyo Skytree, it’s absolutely free.

Tsukiji Market – The world’s biggest fish market.  I blew it and showed up late, thus missing the most interesting part, but I was still able to see (and eat!) some memorable stuff.

Yanaka Cemetery – Wandering around a cemetery might seem grim, but there’s something oddly compelling about it.

Yoyogi Park – Another day, another seriously memorable park in Tokyo.

Baby Castella – There’s a street food stall near Yoyogi Park selling these little pancakey balls, and they’re absolutely great.

Beard Papa – Beard Papa sells delicious cream puffs filled with deliciously creamy custard.  They’re the best.

Disneyland/DisneySea – The food at Disneyland and DisneySea in Tokyo was shockingly good.  It was so much better and more interesting than typical amusement park food.

Fuunji Ramen – Of the many mind-blowing things I ate in Tokyo, the tsukemen ramen (dipping ramen) from Fuunji Ramen might have been the mind-blowingest.  It was one of the best things I’ve ever eaten.

Hashimoto – The Michelin-starred unagi at Hashimoto is a thing of beauty.  It’s almost improbable how delicious it is.

Hayashi – Maybe my favourite bowl of ramen in the city (and in Japan, and in the world).  Crazy good.

Kanda Matsuya – This place has been serving up delicious soba noodles for over 130 years.

Kitchen Nankai – The katsu curry (fried chicken cutlet with curry sauce) was rich and amazing.

Melon Pan Kyuei – If you’ve never had a melon pan before, it’s kinda like a pineapple bun, but better.  And the one they serve at Melon Pan Kyuei is outstanding.

Nakajima – Nakajima is a Michelin-starred restaurant that sells delightfully affordable lunches revolving around the humble sardine.

Ramen Restaurant – I’m not sure this restaurant near Monzen-nakacho station even has an English name (Google Maps just refers to it as “ramen restaurant”), but it serves a solid bowl of ramen.

Taiyaki – Taiyaki is a delicious red-bean-filled cake that’s shaped like a fish.  It’s a Japanese street food classic.

Tempura Imoya – Crispy, delicious fried goodness.  Don’t miss it.