What to Do / Eat in Lisbon, Portugal

Walking up hills – Don’t like to walk up steep hills?  Well too bad, because there’s a million of them and you’re going to be walking up a bunch.

Bifana – Portugal’s most popular sandwich is called the bifana, and it’s porky and delicious.  I tried a few of the best and then named my favourite.

Cantina das Freiras – This place is very, very difficult to find, but it’s worth the effort.  The food just okay, but the view is spectacular.

Grab & Go Food / Drinks – Most sensible people would avoid a vending machine serving hot sandwiches.  I am not a sensible person.

McDonald’s – McDonald’s in Portugal has its own version of a bifana (called the McBifana, of course).  It’s not bad, though it’s clearly not as good as an actual bifana.

Mercado da Baixa – I had an absurdly meaty sandwich at this market, and it was as delicious as I had hoped.

Mundo Fantastico da Sardinha Portuguesa – The Portuguese are sardine-obsessed enough that they have a (very touristy) store dedicated to the stuff.

Pastelaria Fidalguinha – I randomly stumbled onto this bakery and had a pastel de nata (a Portuguese egg tart).  It was delicious.

Pastelarias Roma – The coconut tart from this bakery was absolutely outstanding.

Time Out Market – Featuring dozens of vendors serving up some seriously tasty-looking dishes, this is definitely a must-visit if you’re into food.