What to Do / Eat in Naples, Italy

Herculaneum – Though Pompeii gets all the attention, Herculaneum might actually be more interesting to visit (it’s preserved much better).

Pompeii – As much as I liked Herculaneum, you definitely can’t miss Pompeii.  It’s seriously impressive.

Fantasia Gelati – Best gelato ever?

Pizzaria Brandi – This place claims to have invented the margherita pizza back in 1890, which is a matter of some debate.  Not a matter of debate: the pizza here is delicious.

Pizza & Contorni – You can basically go to any random pizzeria in Naples and end up with something delicious, which is exactly what I did here.

Pizzeria I Decumani – A rare non-amazing pizza in Naples — but then even okay pizza in Naples is pretty great.

Zia Esterina – The fried pizza at Zia Esterina is extremely delicious — just make sure you come on an empty stomach.