What to Do / Eat in Rome, Italy

Beautiful monuments / architecture –  Rome sure is purdy.

Cinecitta – If you’re into movies, the legendary studio where Federico Fellini shot most of his films is a must-visit.

Baccanale – I can’t imagine ever again having a porchetta sandwich as great as the one from Baccanale.  Best porchetta ever.

Ciuri Ciuri – They fill the cannoli shells to order here, which is clearly the way to do it.  This is the consensus pick for the best cannoli in Rome — it’s hard to disagree with that.

McDonald’s – Nope.  You’d think the McDonald’s here would be better since the food is so good, but it’s actually pretty dire.  Worst cheese sauce ever?

Pastificio – Pastificio is mostly a shop where you can buy fresh pasta to cook yourself.  But they also sell delightfully affordable, ridiculously delicious pasta lunches.