What to Do / Eat in Hong Kong

The Dragon’s Back hiking trail – The Dragon’s Back is just as majestic as you’d hope it would be from its name.  If you’re even remotely into hiking, you need to check it out.

Hong Kong Disneyland – Not only is Hong Kong Disneyland delightfully un-crowded compared to the other Disney parks in Asia, but it also has my all-time favourite ride: Mystic Manor.

Mango pancakes – Best pancakes ever?  Quite possibly!

McDonald’s – McDonald’s in Hong Kong definitely needs to learn a thing or two about the definition of loaded fries.

Roast goose – I tried not one, but two roast goose restaurants that have a Michelin star.  Hong Kong is a pretty special place.

Sun Kee Cheese Noodles – The noodles at Sun Kee Cheese Noodles are basically like mac and cheese, but with noodles.  Oh, and it also comes with chunks of super-tender pork.  It’s so good.

Tim Ho Wan – You’ve gotta get dim sum while you’re in Hong Kong.  Why not do it at a restaurant that has a Michelin star?

Wonton Noodles – The wonton noodles from Mak’s Noodle in Hong Kong are not kidding around.  They’re so good.