What to Do / Eat in Bangkok, Thailand

Public transit by speedboat – One of the more unusual public transit options in Bangkok is a series of speedboats that navigate the canals that run through the city.  They go fast, and are an extremely memorable way to get around.

Wat Pho – You can’t miss Wat Pho when you’re in Bangkok, a very memorable temple complex from the 16th century.

Chicken satay – The grilled chicken satay from Jay Eng is among the best I’ve ever had.

McDonald’s – There’s some good stuff at McDonald’s in Thailand, including a really tasty piece of spicy fried chicken.

Roll noodles – One of the best things I ate in Bangkok is a dish called roll noodles, which you can find at a Michelin-approved restaurant called Nai-Ek Roll Noodles.

Sweet, crispy little pancake tacos – There’s a tasty Thai dessert called khanom bueang, and it’s sweet, crispy, and delicious.  I tried it at the Terminal 21 mall.