What to Do / Eat in Busan, South Korea

Centum City Shinsegae – This is the largest department store in the world, and it is impressively enormous.  It also has a great food hall on the bottom floor.

Gamcheon Culture Village – There’s not much to do here but marvel at the multicoloured houses, but it’s an impressive enough sight that it’s worth a visit.

Jagalchi Market – This is the largest fish market in South Korea, and it’s an absolute cornucopia of bizarre sea creatures.

The United Nations Memorial Cemetery – The UN Memorial Cemetery — commemorating the soldiers from around the world who died during the Korean war — is a grim but moving place to visit.

Choryang Milmyeon – This place serves nothing but delicious dumplings and jjolmyeon, a bowl of ultra-chewy noodles.  They’re both so good.

Dwaeji gukbap in Seomyeon – I’m not sure what the restaurant I visited was called, but if you go to Seomyeon you’ll find a whole row of restaurants serving dwaeji gukbap, which is a delicious pork and rice soup.

Fried chicken – Korean fried chicken is justifiably world-famous, though the place I visted in the Gukje Market wasn’t exactly mind-blowing.  Also: it’s never a great idea to try to eat an enormous platter meant for multiple people by yourself.

Gyeran bbang – There’s a fairly common street food in Korea called egg bread that’s basically just cornbread with an egg on top.  It’s great.

McDonald’s – McDonald’s in South Korea absolutely blew me away — everything was surprisingly delicious, even stuff that sounds awful, like fries with chocolate sauce on top.

Stew at the Jagalchi Market – I don’t know what this stew was called, but it was sold by a vendor near the Jagalchi Market, and it was extremely delicious.