What to Do / Eat in Dublin, Ireland

The Guinness Storehouse – Extremely touristy, but still worth a visit if you’re into Guinness.

Howth Cliff Walk – The hiking trails in Howth are scenic and enjoyable.  Highly recommended.

Aungier Danger – I really enjoyed the doughnut I tried at Aungier Danger — but it was crispy, which seemed odd to me.  So I went back and tried another one, which was both delicious and not crispy.

Green Bench Cafe – I wasn’t crazy about my sandwich at the Green Bench Cafe, but the place is super popular, so they might have just been having an off day.

Matt the Rashers – The full breakfast at Matt the Rashers was outstanding.  Best full breakfast ever.

McDonald’s – I tried fish sticks and a veggie burger, so… not the most interesting McDonald’s in the world.

The Rolling Doughnut and Krust Bakery – More delicious doughnuts, because you can never have enough doughnuts.