Further proof that if you see a line-up for food, you should immediately get in it: this delicious noodle soup that was in heavy demand at 8:30 in the morning.

Pancakes shancakes.  Cereal?  Get out of here with that.  Noodle soup for breakfast is clearly where it’s at.

There was absolutely no English on the menu, but it was easy enough to order.  I put up a finger for one, he showed me two cups (one small, one large), I pointed, and that was that.

The guy obviously has this down to a science — the line was fairly long, but it moved fast.  He puts multiple sauces and condiments in each bowl, but he does it with the speed and the confidence of someone who’s been making the same dish for a long, long time.

Street vendor in Taipei, Taiwan

The dish is called mee sua, or flour rice noodles, and is frequently served with oysters or pig intestines.  This version was a bit simpler, however, with crispy pieces of pork crackling mixed in, as well as a few chewy bits (tofu, I think?).

It’s seriously good.  The broth has a rich, almost toasty flavour, and is complimented quite well by the fresh cilantro and the vinegar he mixes in.  The soft (but not mushy) vermicelli noodles are abundant, with the pork and tofu adding some textural variety.

It’s a great breakfast — it’s got enough flavour to be satisfying, but it’s never in-your-face enough to feel off-putting so early in the morning.

How to find it: Well, it’s a street food stall, so who knows how permanent this is, but on this particular morning it was on Songshan Road just south of Songlan road.  It’s a very quick walk from Songshan station.

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