There are certain things that you just know are going to taste great; you don’t even need to try them.  One of those things?  A dish that’s actually really popular here in Madrid called chocolate con churros (which is churros with a cup of thick, rich hot chocolate for dipping).

I mean, how could that not be delicious, right?  And indeed, it is quite delicious.

The most popular place to get this is a restaurant called Chocolatería San Ginés; it’s been serving chocolate con churros since 1894.

Yes, they’ve been doing this for over 120 years, so obviously they’re doing something right.

One order costs four Euros, and comes with six churros — still warm from the fryer — and a generous mug of very rich hot chocolate.

Super delicious

It’s a simple dish, but man, it’s so good.  The churros, which are lightly crispy on the outside and just a little fluffy on the inside, are the perfect vehicle for the chocolate; the hot chocolate clings to the churros’ craggly exterior and compliments it perfectly.

The hot chocolate is far richer than what you’re used to; it’s much thicker than traditional hot chocolate, and tastes kind of like a combination between chocolate pudding and chocolate sauce.

You’d think it would be sugar-overload, but the churros aren’t sweet at all, and the chocolate is only subtly sweet; it’s not nearly as cloying as you’d expect it to be.  It’s pretty amazing.

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