Shortbread was invented in Scotland, so you’d think there’d be a bunch of bakeries in Edinburgh specializing in the stuff; that’s sadly not the case.  But with a bakery called Pinnies and Poppyseeds weaving their magic, that’s really all you need.  I mean, you’ve read the title of this post.  You know what’s up.  They’re the best ever.

Pinnies and Poppyseeds in Edinburgh, Scotland

They’re just so buttery and amazing.  They have a few different flavours — I got a pack of four that came with traditional all butter (i.e. classic shortbread), cinnamon and sugar, earl gray, and fennel & dark chocolate. I figured I’d have one or two right away, and then save the rest for later.

Yeah, right.

Literally after one bite of the first one, I knew I was eating them all immediately.  Just picture the best shortbread you’ve ever had and then multiply it by a thousand, and you’ve got a good idea of what to expect here.  I was afraid that the funky flavours might just get in the way of the shortbready goodness, but nope — they all worked so well.  Perfection.

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