Italy’s done, so you know what time it is?  Photo time!

I took this on the first day I arrived in Italy.  I wound up on the wrong bus (because of course I did), and I found myself in this area.  This kind of sucked and kind of didn’t, because that’s a pretty spectacular view.

A day at the beach

Just another imposing European castle. I didn’t think you were allowed to go inside, but I’m looking it up now and I guess you are?  Maybe I was in the wrong area.  Oh well.


Naples may be a little grungy up close, but who can tell when you’re this far away?


Remember the Chipwich??  Because I certainly do!  They sell something in Italy called the “Cooky Snack,” and it tastes exactly how I remember the Chipwich tasting.  It’s glorious.


Sorry, all other dogs, you have a new king and it’s this guy right here. Holy crap, this dog.  I wanted to tuck him under my arm and then run until I couldn’t run any more.

Best dog ever

They sell something in Naples called a frittatina.  It’s basically like an arancini, but with creamy pasta instead of risotto.  It’s so good.

Creamy fried goodness

Remember that photo of the Trevi Fountain that I posted? Here’s the other side. Rome is awesome, but there are so many tourists.

So many people

What’s that? You want another photo of that dog? Well, okay.

Seriously, best dog ever

And finally, here’s a really photogenic bowl of carbonara that I had from a place called Flavio al Velavevodetto in Rome.  Sadly, it’s not quite as good as it looks.  It was mostly delicious, but the pasta was undercooked.  I like my pasta al dente (I’m not a monster), but this was actually a bit crunchy.

Mostly delicious

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