This wasn’t something that I thought would be particularly blog-worthy; just a quick (and unhealthy) breakfast thanks to a random recommendation on the internet.  “Hey,” the internet told me, “the napolitana de chocolate at La Mallorquina is actually pretty good!”  Okay, internet, I’ll give it a shot.

The bakery turned out to be in a super touristy part of town, so my expectations weren’t very high, to put it kindly.

Then I took a bite and my whole life changed.

Wait wait wait. Is this as delicious as I think it is?

I took another bite.

Why yes, it is as delicious as I think it is.

Holy crap, this thing is so damn good I can’t even stand it. The combination of the rich, buttery pastry with the intensely chocolatey filling (which is sweet, but not overly sweet) and the contrasting texture you get from the crunchy sugar on top is absolute perfection.

I wanted to run around the city pumping my fist like Arsenio. “THE NAPOLITANA AT LA MALLORQUINA IS SO GOOD! EVERYBODY GO EAT ONE!”  I wanted to barge into other bakeries and start flipping tables over, because it’s all garbage compared to what they’re serving at La Mallorquina.

For the rest of the day it would just randomly pop into my head.  I’d be walking in a park or something and then “holy cow, how good was that pastry??”  I wound up going back to La Mallorquina two more times throughout the day to get it again, and it was just as good both times.

I want to eat that pastry every day for the rest of my life. I want to shrink myself down and live inside of it.

(And yeah, in case you’re wondering why I mostly write about food on this blog, it’s probably because I have the capacity to get that excited about a pastry.)

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