So here’s something interesting (at least I think it’s interesting, and since it’s my blog, you’re just going to have to deal with it): while on a bus from Germany to Sweden, the bus stopped at an area that kind of seemed like a border crossing.

It turned out that it was actually a line-up to board a ferry; the bus eventually drove inside the boat, and we all had 45 minutes before we had to come back.

Bus in a ferry

There’s something about being inside one vehicle that goes into another vehicle that’s kind of crazy to me, but then maybe I’m just easily impressed.

The ferry was actually pretty enormous on the inside — there were a couple of restaurants, a convenience store, and an extensive duty free shop.

Shops inside the ferry

I figured, hey, I’m on a boat, I should probably get seafood, so I ordered the fish and chips from the cafeteria.  It was pretty standard cafeteria fare (i.e. it kind of sucked), so obviously this was a bit of a miscalculation.

Fish and chips on a ferry

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