It’s hard to resist basically anything that’s deep fried.  If you batter something and then deep fry it until it becomes golden and crispy, it becomes inherently appealing.  That’s just science.

Chung's Oyster Fritter

They have a variety of deep fried things at Chung’s Oyster Fritter, but come on: “oyster fritter” is right there in the name.  It’s clearly the thing to order.

And indeed, it is delicious.  It’s a fist-sized ball of crispy, greasy goodness.  The filling is vaguely spring-roll-esque, but with the addition of meaty, tasty oysters.  The exterior is thick and crunchy, but not overbearing.  It’s seriously good.

Chung's Oyster Fritter

This being Tainan, it comes with a generous dollop of a thick, sweet sauce (basically everything has some element of sweetness here).  Continuing the spring roll connection, this is the same idea as serving that dish with plum sauce.  It works quite well.

Chung's Oyster Fritter

LocationNo. 169號, Section 3, Guohua St, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 70053

How to find it: There’s no English on the sign (they do, however, have an English menu), but there’s a cartoon drawing of a smiling cat.  Also, it’s hard to miss the enormous wok that they fry everything in.

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