I honestly can’t remember the last time a meal made me so profoundly sad.  The food in Taiwan is so good, and you can’t walk more than a block or two without stumbling upon several restaurants serving something that looks amazing.

The Taiwanese version of McDonald’s, on the other hand…  Yikes.  It might be the worst food I’ve had at McDonald’s since starting this blog, and that’s really saying something — I’ve had some pretty atrocious meals courtesy of old Ronald McDonald.

While searching for the best places to eat in Berlin, a burger joint called Burgermeister came up a lot.  Typically, this would be the type of recommendation that I’d dismiss without much thought; I’m sure there’s great Mexican/Vietnamese/whatever cuisine in every city I visit, but unless I’m in Mexico/Vietnam/Whateverland, I just have no interest in that food.

But I have to admit: the only burger I’ve eaten since starting this trip has been a fairly abysmal one from McDonald’s.  My burger blog — which I kept going right up until I left — had me eating burgers regularly for years.  I was jonesing.

There isn’t anything too interesting/unique at McDonald’s in Italy, though they do have something called “Le Ricche” fries, which is basically just a plate of fries with cheese sauce on them.  You can choose between regular cheddar, and hot cheese.  I went with the latter, though I have to admit that there’s something vaguely unappetizing about the phrase “hot cheese.”