My time in Sweden was brief, but memorable.  And there were photos, of course.

With its circular design, the Stockholm Public library looks interesting on the outside…

Stockholm Public Library

…but even more interesting on the inside.

Stockholm Public Library

They sell these sausages stuffed into a baguette throughout the city. This one is from a stand called Östermalms Korvspecialist, and it was crazy delicious. The baguette was crispy but not too crunchy, and the sausage itself had a really amazing flavour.

Sausage from Östermalms Korvspecialist

No story here, I just thought this was an interesting-looking alley.

Alley in Stockholm, Sweden

This place sells a fish sandwich that everyone seems to love. I was a bit gun-shy about fish sandwiches after my last experience, but I figured I’d give it a shot.

Nystekt Strömming

It wasn’t pickled, so that’s an automatic point in its favour. Actually, it was quite delicious.

Sandwich from Nystekt Strömming

A popular baked good in Stockholm is called kardemummabullar. It’s basically like a cinnamon bun, but with cardamom instead of cinnamon. You have to really like cardamom — the flavour is pretty intense — but if you do, these are great. I ate a bunch of them while I was in Stockholm.


And finally, to bookend things, here’s another picture of Stockholm’s skyline.

Stockholm skyline

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