Alas, even though Chiang Mai is the home of khao soi, that doesn’t mean that every bowl is going to be great.

Case in point: Khao Soi Islam Restaurant.  It’s a well known place, but the khao soi they’re serving is fairly middling.

Khao Soi Islam Restaurant

Now, don’t get me wrong — it’s actually still quite tasty.  But khao soi is an amazing dish, and this isn’t a great version of it.

The broth is spicy and tasty, but it lacks the richness and the complexity that makes a top-shelf bowl so amazing.

Khao Soi Islam Restaurant

The chunks of chicken breast are overcooked and dry, and the crispy noodles on top get soggy almost instantly.  They also have a very instant noodle quality to them; I’m assuming they buy them pre-fried rather than frying them themselves.  And the noodles in the soup are slightly softer than they should be.

Khao Soi Islam Restaurant

Still, I think khao soi is like pizza — even when it’s bad, it’s still pretty good.  I had a bunch of problems with this particular bowl, and I still enjoyed eating it.


How to find it: This is generally referred to online as “Khao Soi Muslim Noodles,” but the sign actually says “Khao Soi Islam Restaurant.”

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