Chicken House — a stall selling fried chicken on a road absolutely crammed with street food vendors — has the longest line-up I’ve seen since coming to Taiwan.  I obviously had no choice but to stand in it.

It actually moves pretty fast; it took me about fifteen minutes to get to the front of the line.  And there’s only three things on the menu: a drumstick, a drumstick and a thigh, or a bag of bite-sized chicken pieces.

Chicken House, Tainan

I went with the bag, which was probably a mistake.  It’s decent enough, but it’s a mix of dark and white meat, and the white pieces are a little bit dry.

Still, it’s quite tasty — the batter is nicely seasoned and extremely crispy, and it was hot and fresh.

Chicken House, Tainan

It’s kind of annoying to eat, however, because the pieces are cut in that uniquely Asian way where they’re just chopped up willy nilly, bones and all.

Dear Asia: I love you, especially your food.  But you can’t chop up chicken indiscriminately and then batter and deep fry it so it’s impossible to tell what’s what until you bite into it.  I mean, you can, because you’re doing it, but you shouldn’t.  Why do you live like this when you don’t have to??

Chicken House, Tainan

If chicken (especially fried chicken) is cut up into bite-sized chunks, those chunks should be boneless.  Otherwise, just give me a whole piece of chicken so that I’ll know where all the bones and cartilage are.  That just makes sense, doesn’t it??  Am I the crazy one, or is Asia?

LocationNo. 22號, Section 3, Guohua St, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700

How to find it: Look for the big, egg-shaped cartoon chicken next to the stand.  And the line, of course.

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