One thing I’ve noticed about the food in Tainan: it’s noticeably sweeter than the cuisine in Taipei or Taichung.  Most of the things I’ve tried here have been at least a little bit sweet.

Ah Song Gua Bao is a good example of this: they sell pork buns, and they’re distinctly sweeter than the version I had in Taipei.

They’re topped with pickled mustard greens, pickled radishes, and a very sweet, peanutty sauce.  They’re tasty, but that sauce is sugar overload.  The pickles try their best to cut the sweetness from the sauce, but there’s only so much they can do.

Ah Song Gua Bao

They actually serve two types of buns — one with leaner pork, and one with the more traditional pork belly.  They’re both good, but I prefer the more tender pork belly.

I wish it were a little bit less sugary (the one I had in Taipei was clearly better), but it’s still a decent enough sandwich.

LocationNo. 181號, Section 3, Guohua St, West Central District, Tainan City, Taiwan 700

How to find it: It’s the usual drill regarding English signage (or, more specifically, the lack thereof), so be on the lookout for a yellow sign with blue text.

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