Do you like beef?  Do you like all of the beef?  If so, Rote Yiam Beef Noodles in Chiang Mai is a must-visit.

They have a few different options; I ordered the mixed beef noodles, which comes with sliced beef, braised beef, beef balls, and a whole bunch of organs.  If you want pretty much every part of the cow, this is the bowl for you.

Rote Yiam Beef Noodles

It’s seriously tasty.  The broth actually has a really interesting flavour — it’s satisfyingly beefy, but it’s also a little bit sweet and a little bit tangy.  It has a very pleasant brightness that compliments the mineraly organs quite nicely.

Rote Yiam Beef Noodles

Everything in the bowl is perfectly cooked — all of the offal is nice and tender (there’s nothing crunchy or tough here), the braised beef pretty much melts in your mouth, the beef balls are nice and springy, and the sliced beef has just the right amount of chew.  It’s a whole cornucopia of beef, and it’s all very, very good.

Rote Yiam Beef Noodles

Plus, there’s the chewy, wide rice noodles, which work quite well with the various meats.  It’s really satisfying.

LocationMun Mueang Rd, Tambon Si Phum, Amphoe Mueang Chiang Mai, Chang Wat Chiang Mai 50300

How to find it: The sign has English on it (also, it’s hard to miss the enormous vat of beef they have at the front of the restaurant).

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