Apparently noodles for breakfast is very conclusively a thing here, because I had noodle soup for breakfast the other day, and now here’s another plate of tasty pre-9AM noodles.

It’s yet another restaurant with no English name (Google calls it “Cold Noodle Restaurant”), but it’s worth seeking out.

Cold Noodle Restaurant

There’s also no English menu, but then that seems to be extremely common here.  If you’re coming to Taiwan, either learn Mandarin or get ready to point a lot.  I’m pointing a lot.

The noodles are simple, but delicious.  They’re served cold, and come topped with sesame sauce and julienned cucumber.  You mix them up, and they end up like this:

Cold Noodle Restaurant

It’s perhaps a bit more intensely garlicky than something I generally want to be eating first thing in the morning, but it’s delicious enough that it doesn’t really matter.  The noodles are great, the sauce is rich and flavourful, and the cucumbers do a great job of adding some freshness and crunch.

Cold Noodle Restaurant

It comes with a bowl of egg- and tofu-packed soup.  It’s crammed with chunks of tofu, cooked egg, and a couple of sizable meatballs (I think chicken?  Maybe pork).  The broth is infused with green onion, tiny little fish, and bonito flakes, with the latter two giving it a very mildly fishy funk and a smoky complexity.  It’s a top-notch bowl of soup.

AddressNo. 199, Songshan Road, Xinyi District, Taipei City, Taiwan 110

How to find it: Well, there’s no English sign, but it’s right at the corner of Songshan Road and Yongji Road.  It’s within walking distance of both Houshanpi and Songshan station.

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